Second Generation leakSMART® Sensor Range Extender

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Once your leakSMART system is successfully installed and set-up, make sure to check your signal strength of each one of your leakSMART sensors within the leakSMART app. If any of your sensors indicate a signal strength of one bar or less, consider adding a leakSMART Sensor Range Extender. The Extender will boost weaker signal strength and ensure communication among your leakSMART devices throughout your home.

The optional leakSMART Sensor Range Extender will notably expand the range of your leakSMART leak sensors if your app shows low sensor range caused unexpected interference within your home, caused by building materials, elevation, or size of home. The leakSMART Sensor Range Extender boosts the overall coverage of your leakSMART system in your home, ensuring robust communication between your devices and eliminating dead zones, giving you peace of mind that your entire home is protected from water damage.

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